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Shenzhen ShengQi Lighting Technology company is a professional lighting products manufacturer, which has more than 30 years experience in R&D, manufacturing and marketing quality flashlights. Headquarter located in Qishi town, Dongguan city, covers 30,000 square meters. ShengQi has professional management , technical and production personnel, excellent infrastructure, well-equipped production machines and testing instruments,assorted with laboratory for aging, life span and safety testing.

Flashlight Trouble Shooting

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Flashlight Trouble Shooting


Dear Customers,

Thank you for choosing WUBEN! In order for us to give you the high level of service you deserve, please read the following conditions carefully and be sure to keep your warranty card and original sales receipt handy for all warranty claims.

Category                               Warranty Period

Rechargeable battery, charger, remote controller, accessory     

                                          1 year

Flashlight, penlight, headlamp, bike light, camp light, etc 

                                          2 years

Wuben website registered flashlight, penlight, etc (accessories not included)                         5 years

Free replacement: Wuben will replace a new product within 15 days of purchase for any manufacturing defects if problems arise during normal use.

Free repair: Wuben offers free repair if the product is within warranty period.

Limited lifetime warranty: For product expires warranty period, Wuben provides lifetime repair but will charge for parts.

The free repair does not cover any damages or failure caused by:

1. Artificial damage, disassemble, mod, etc.

2. Normal use and wear.

3. Wrong or rough operation.

4. Battery leakage or wrong use of battery.

5. Other artificial factors or natural disasters.

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