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WUBEN TO10R 650 Lumens High-CRI Review3/21/2018

 Wuben TO10R ( 3 x XP-G3, 16340) ~ A great shorty triple

The flashlight was provided by is external) for review.
Here's the product's link: Wuben TO10R(link is external)

The flashlight is another addition to Wuben's TO Series lights, a series that so far includes triple LED flashlights intended for daily usage.
The TO10R comes in a nice cardboard box.

The accessories' list includes two lanyards, one of which is Wuben-branded,  a golden micro-USB charging cable, two spare o-rings, an instruction manual and a warranty card.

The matte black anodization is flawless all around, while the asymmetrical knurling gives the body of the light a smoother/cleaner look.
The head of the light houses Wuben's dual electronic switch as well as some aggressive grooves.

Opposite the switch assembly, there is the integrated charging port.
The charging interface is sealed via a rubber flap.

Once powered on, there is an indicator LED under the electronic switch that informs the user about the battery's charge level.
Blue for 100%-30%, Red for 30%-15%, Blinking RED for <15%.

The polished stainless steel bezel helps protecting the lens and creates an great contrast with the body's black color scheme.
Under the lens you can see the triple XP-G3 emitter setup coupled with the TIR optics.

The flashlight can be disassembled into two main pieces, the head and the body-tail portion.
As seen, the threads are square cut and arrived anodized which means that electronic lockout is possible.

The body of the light contains a soft spring as well as a magnet which allows it to be attached in metal surfaces.

On the other hand, the head houses the driver assembly and a thick, brass spring.
By the looks of it, the driver isn't easily accessible to the end user.

And here's a shot of the beautiful triple emitter setup in action.

The light's weight is around 78gr, not too light or too heavy either.

A Wuben-branded 16340 cell is also included in the packaging.

It weights 19.2gr and a discharge test @500mA returned 711mAh of actual capacity.

The 0.375Ohm internal resistance indicates that this isn't a high drain cell, but it's more than fine for our application.

While charging, the maximum current that I recorded was close to 0.5A, while the termination voltage is set to around 4.18V.

And here's a shot of the Wuben TO10R alongside some other lights.
From left to right: Klarus Mi7 Ti, Wuben TO10R, Convoy S2+, Wuben TO46R, Sofirn C8A

User Interface

The UI is fairly easy to use, though there are some odd design choices that prevent the light from utilizing its full potential.
Turn on/off: Single press of Power Switch
Mode change: Single press of Mode Switch ( Moonlight -> Low -> Mid -> High)
Stepless dimming: Constant press of Power Switch while on
Constant strobe: Long press of Mode Switch while on
Momentary strobe: Long press of Power or Mode Switch while off
Lockout engage / disengage: Constant press of both switches until a flash occurs
SOS: While on constant strobe long press Mode Switch for 3 seconds.
Alps flash: While on constant strobe long press Mode Switch for 5 seconds.
The poor design choices that I was talking about can be wrapped around these two points:
1. A double click of the Power or Mode Switch provides no extra shortcuts (e.g a double click of Power Switch for Moonlight would be a nice option).
2. Constant strobe can be accessed both from Power and Mode switches (I would prefer a long press of Power Switch to result in Turbo).

Performance and Beamshots

In order to get my measurements I used a clamp meter and the included Wuben branded 16340 cell.
Here's the results of my ceiling bounce test for the different output modes and the corresponding current draw.

In order to get the actual lumens, you can multiply my Lux readings by a 9.5 factor. That means that the TO10R pushes 74 x 9.5 = 703 Lumens on high.
And here's the maximum output compared to my other lights.

Also, here's a few wall beamshots to help you understand mode spacing.
Don't mind the tint shown, as it's way off.





All in all, the TO10R is a very respectable product in the "shorty" category.
Its manufacturing quality is excellent, while the triple setup makes it very efficient.
The TIR optics is great for daily usage, as they create a large hotspot.
My only complain is the luck of some useful shortcuts in the UI's design.


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