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WUBEN TO40R review3/21/2018

I had heard of Wuben before. I heard about them on CPF, and on the numerous flashlight forums on Facebook. But I had never seen one in person.

Recently, I had been in contact with Wuben, and was sent this light. The TO40R.

And I'm very impressed!

Wuben has been in business since 1981, making them one of the oldest light manufacturers, and it shows in the quality of this light. The experience they have speaks for itself.
 Shenzen is a major city in Guangdong Province, China, and is where Wuben is based out of. I have seen some incredible things come from this area. The area is rich in history, as well as high tech industry. I actually hope to visit this region. 
As of this writing, this light had not been released yet, so it was a great privilege to really try it out, test it, and give Wuben my thoughts on it. It's a great performing light, easily the best small 18650 light I own.

Here is what you get with your new Wuben!
1. The light
2. Spare Orings
3. A 2600 mAh Wuben battery.
4. Manual, warranty card, and QC card.
5. A very nice USB charging cable.
6. Wuben lanyard
7. Reversible pocket clip.

The box it comes with is very nice, and protects the light well. The entire package is very well done, and very thought out.

This light uses a CREE XPL Led.
The above graphic is a picture of the back of the box, and it outlines the lumens, runtimes and other pertinent information about this light.

The beam is very pleasant. A bit of cool white with neutral in tint. The beam is very easy on the eyes. This is important as some light tints can strain the eyes. The Wuben light performed well here!

The following beam test: The tree is 75ft away. The tree is over 60ft tall. Tested in turbo mode.

In the beamshot I was aiming towards the top of the tree. The beam illuminated the upper half of this tree very nicely. you will notice the spill hitting the side of the house. I am very impressed with the power of this light! You will notice the ground below is illuminated, it's hard to tell in pictures though.

This light has great throw and great spill, it's a very nice balance for a light of this size. Some lights are great at throwing, and some lights are great at flooding light (spill). It's not always easy to find a light that's great at both. This light is the best in my collection at both. It's excellent! 
A 30ft wide hotspot 75ft foot away is outstanding!  

The light features a narrow and deep, polished reflector. With AR glass, You may have noticed the purple spill in the beam shot above, that is simply because of the anti reflective coating on the lens .

The reflector quality is amazing, it's perfect and smooth. This is important as a bad reflector can really effect beam quality. Again, Wuben has been making lights for nearly 40 years, the experience they have really shows here. 
Moving on, let's talk about the UI and buttons!

This light has a fantastic UI. It's simple, and very effective.
Clicking the power button button turns the light on. It will turn on in the last setting you had it in. Once on, click the W button to cycle through all the modes. 
The light features a strobe, this is accessible while the light is on or off. Simply press and hold the W button for strobe. This works on or off.
A long press will put the light into SOS mode.  
If the light is on or off, you can do a long press and switch into turbo mode. 
The light has a lock out mode. Press and hold both the power button and the W button, once it flashes, you have locked the light out, press and hold both buttons again to unlock the light. 
I love the button and the UI on this light. Many lights use a tail clickie with a side button, that can get confusing when it's dark, and sometimes it's hard to find the button, The TO40R's buttons are easy to find, and easy to use. 
The light comes with a sturdy clip, and it's reversible! 

The light comes with a 2600mAh battery, a nice charging cable and a USB port on the light.
You can see my Wuben charging off of my Anker battery brick. There's a blue flashing led in the button to show you it's charging. 

The light has a battery level indicator, the led in the button will:
Blue light, normal power.
Red light, power dropping, needs to charge.
Red light flashing, light is about to power off. 

Wuben calls this the Outdoor Series. 

I 'm a very outdoors guy, this works very well for me :) 

It's lightweight and durable, it's tough and waterproof. I will keep it in my pack for back-country patrols.

Finally, the build quality. This light has all the hallmarks of a company that has been building lights for a long time. The experience shows with this light. It's lightweight, durable and very pleasing to the eye. The machining and finish are perfect.
It has a great balance on it's light output.
This has been the best small 18650 light I've have had.
It's the Wuben TO40R from Wuben!!!!
Go to: to see more of this impressive product line. 
Tell them I sent you!

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